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Sprint Coaching and Training

Rediscover Your Passion:

Remember the thrill of competing in a race when you were younger?

We find that most people who come back to compete in masters athletics are the ones that competed and loved the sport throughout their school years.

Many athletes find their peak performance well beyond their 30s, there's still immense potential achievement no matter what your age.

​Our sprint to middle distance training group has a wide range of both male and female athletes aged from 30 to 70+, from beginners to advanced.

​With professional coaching, a supportive group of like-minded people (and a passion for intense training) it’s inevitable that you'll become fitter, stronger, and healthier.

​​Please carefully consider the following before engaging in any type of sprint training.
Coaching is structured for individual fitness levels with the intent of a slow progression and injury prevention.

As we age, athletics training can place considerable stress on your body. Participants should be prepared for workouts that may induce fatigue and muscle soreness. However, do not feel pressured to match the intensity of others.

Once progressed, training is designed to become more and more intense, pushing your physical boundaries to enhance your athletic capabilities.
As an older athlete returning to training, your body may experience a period of adjustment. Expect initial soreness, fatigue, and potential challenges as your body acclimates to the demands of the program.

Connect with Gold Coast Masters athletics training group and surround yourself with like-minded individuals and fellow athletes.

The track awaits your return, and each step is a stride towards achieving your ultimate goal, the thrill of competition.

Lace up those shoes and let the journey begin!

Current training time:

Every Sunday (non competition days) 7.00am Griffith University Track, Southport.

Ask for Chris, Gary or Karen.

For enquirers email:

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