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Queensland South Coast Region Records

Gold Coast & Southern Region Records as of 21st March 2021

NOTE: Some of our meets are timed using Timing Gates. Although this electronic system is extremely accurate, they do not meet the IAAF standard as an official timing system. However the GCMA committee have agreed to include these times in our local records if there is currently no record in place for that event and age group. This will be recorded as a gate time. Gate times will be replaced by any IAAF approved electronic time if bettered or within 0.24 seconds of the current gate time record. This will also apply to any hand timed records.

Have you Broken a record?

To be eligible for a Gold Coast & Southern Region Record you must live within the Gold Coast area which includes the Hinterland, and Northern NSW and must be a registered financial member when your record is set.

If you believe you have broken a Gold Coast regional record you can submit it to the statistician for approval. Email

Once approved it'll be added to the record books.

The Records are generally updated every month.


Please provide the following details in your email...

- Your name

- Your age group

- The event

- Record details (time, distance, height etc )

- The date you set the record

- Meet location

World Masters Rankings

To find out where you rank in Master Athletics worldwide visit You can also login and submit your own performances.


Information About Masters Records

RECORDS:  World, Australian and Queensland Records  for Sprints up to and including 400 metres, are not allowed unless Electronic Timing is used. For all events longer than 1500 metres, the Competitor is required  to have a Lap Scorer for a Record. Lap scoring sheets are to be handed in.

Hand Timing: Competitors who think they may break a track record in events longer than 400 Metres, should ask the Head Timekeeper to have three watches on their Run or Walk. The three times are to be noted on the Result Sheets with the middle time rounded up to a tenth of a second and listed as the result.

Three watches are not required for Electronically Timed Events.  (Except as back-up watches in case of a malfunction) For Sprints and Jumps, a Wind Gauge is required. For Throws and Jumps, a Steel Tape for World and Australian Records is required.

Queensland, Australian and World Records set in QMA Competition or any other Official Competition which is attended by the Statistician will be noted and recorded. A Member may set a Masters Record (consistent with the above conditions), during any other Recognised Competition such as QA Interclub or Country Events or any Competition where the Statistician is not in attendance, which is conducted by Registered Officials.

If there is a possibility of a Queensland, Australian or World  Record being broken, ask the

Statistician for the Official Forms to keep on hand.

Details including Date, Venue, Event, Age group etc, Photocopy of the Result signed by Officials

and a Copy of the Lapscoring Sheet for Distance Events must be attended to on the day of

Competition. Also required for World Records: A Copy of Birth Certificate/Extract or Passport,

Result signed by Officials, Lap Scoring Sheet and a Photo-finish Print if available.

RECORDS  FOR ALL EVENTS will not be allowed unless the above conditions are met.


If you're claiming an Australian or world record download the Appilcation form above and send to-

Heather Doherty

14 Rennie Street, Indooroopilly, Qld 4350


Application for State/Australian Record Validation

WMA Application for a World Track or Field Record

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